How do I install an angled exterior wall lamp?

Practical to welcome visitors in complete safety, an exterior wall light also facilitates opening by lighting the entrance door at night. Its installation is very simple, especially when the wires are waiting on the wall…

Bollards, wall lights, projectors, street lights: luminaries designed for outdoor use come in a wide range of styles and finishes. Some operate on solar energy, but most are connected electrically: at very low voltage or, as in our example, from the protection panel.

Installed surface-mounted or recessed, an outdoor lighting circuit must use three 1.5 mm2 conductors: one phase, one neutral and one earth. If the earth is useless with luminaries with double insulation, it is obligatory with a metal rf remote control device.

rf wireless

Provide a ground connection

One can be replaced by the other, so it is always better to provide a grounding conductor. It must come from the earth distributor of the electrical panel connected to a real earth connection (post inserted into the ground or other regulatory device).


There is no question of using a piece of wire that gets lost in the masonry or ends up in some metallic element (pipe, railing, etc.). Such connections are prohibited.

The supply line must be protected by a 16 A divisional circuit breaker (or 10 A fuse holder) mounted downstream of a high sensitivity (30 mA) earth leakage long range wireless switch or circuit breaker.

Thus, in the event of an insulation fault (leak to earth), the current is immediately cut off in the line.

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