Securing an apartment is not a process similar to that of a detached house, since there is a space and layout constraint. Indeed, an apartment implies particular rules of mixity. Installing an alarm system in an apartment thus requires specific provisions.

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How can burglars access an apartment?

Living in an apartment does not ensure total security. Indeed, even if the apartment is upstairs, criminals often take advantage of small niches that we do not think about. For those who live on the first floor, burglars can easily access it by public garbage facilities, cars parked on the sidewalk, or by simple means such as a ladder. Of course, they can also take the gutter route, as in the films. Moreover, for the inhabitants of the upper floors, they are not as safe as they think. The criminals can access it if the lower apartment is not protected. They can then move from balcony to balcony and finally access the floor they have targeted.


First, take precautions

Simple gestures easily prevent burglaries. This includes securing the main entrances, in particular the doors of the building by installing a locking system with access codes. 80% of the criminals enter the apartments through the door. Doors and gates must be shielded with a secure frame. It must also be ensured that the windows have a mechanism for closing from the inside. Finally, one of the most used prevention solutions and the installation of a digital peephole with video recorder. This rf remote camera can record images of visits in front of the apartment door during the day.

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Second, install an alarm system

However, even if all precautions are taken, burglars may manage to break into the apartment. This is why it is always important to install an alarm system. First, solidarity between co-owners can be achieved by installing a video surveillance wireless remote control system in common access areas such as the portal or corridors. The advantage of this solution is the shared cost. However, each owner can install his own alarm system. What makes this one special is that the siren will be installed inside, but with a lower intensity. In addition to conventional cameras, the system can also include different sensors. Moreover, the detectors are the master rooms of an apartment alarm. Motion detectors, with or without video recorders, can be installed in the corridor, for example, opening detectors, vibration detectors on the entrance door, or a glass break detector. It is also advisable to install a wireless RCT and GSM alarm system. In this way, the breaking of the alarm system cables can be prevented and the alarm system can warn in real time of a break-in attempt.

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