Remote control and home automation

Home automation aims to provide solutions in order to guarantee comfort (energy management, lighting and heating optimization), security (alarm) and communication (remote controls, visual or sound signals…)

As a reminder Home automation could be defined as a set of techniques in the field of electronics, building physics, automation, computing and telecommunications aimed at centralizing control of different systems (heating, roller shutters, garage door, entrance gate…) of a structure, a house, a company.).

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Different areas of home automation


Regarding security, many wireless remote control systems are possible:

A video camera to control and facilitate the entries

Presence detectors when an intruder approached, will set the house in motion and/or simulate a presence (by turning on a light, for example).

A “beep” to automatically open the door or possibly open it by means of a magnetic card or a voice recognition device.

Home theater

With home automation, it is possible to use or control different media simultaneously in several rooms of the house.

Lighting and electrical appliances

Home automation makes it possible to switch lights and heating on and off, to control roller shutters, alarm systems and household appliances from a single control unit.


Leisure and garden

Home automation can allow the management and control of irrigation via the Internet

Assistance in daily life


Assistance to the disabled and sick

Cohabitation Remote control and home automation

Independently of the household electrical equipment in the kitchen and bathroom (coffee maker, oven, dishwasher, water heater…), home automation, which can also be sold as a programmable model, will allow you to generalize the automatisms to your various equipment:

remote control

Audio and video (home theater)

Garden accessories: lawn watering, home automation lighting…

Motorisation of shutters, gates, garage doors…

Bathroom (water automation)

The pool

It is important to keep in mind that before choosing a shutter remote control for example, you must make sure that the remote control is compatible with your installation.

Some brands like Carymart have specialised in home automation and offer solutions adapted to your needs.


You can now remotely control a wide range of equipment and more simply a gate operator with a single beep!

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