How do I install an angled exterior wall lamp?

Practical to welcome visitors in complete safety, an exterior wall light also facilitates opening by lighting the entrance door at night. Its installation is very simple, especially when the wires are waiting on the wall…

Bollards, wall lights, projectors, street lights: luminaries designed for outdoor use come in a wide range of styles and finishes. Some operate on solar energy, but most are connected electrically: at very low voltage or, as in our example, from the protection panel.

Installed surface-mounted or recessed, an outdoor lighting circuit must use three 1.5 mm2 conductors: one phase, one neutral and one earth. If the earth is useless with luminaries with double insulation, it is obligatory with a metal rf remote control device.

rf wireless

Provide a ground connection

One can be replaced by the other, so it is always better to provide a grounding conductor. It must come from the earth distributor of the electrical panel connected to a real earth connection (post inserted into the ground or other regulatory device).


There is no question of using a piece of wire that gets lost in the masonry or ends up in some metallic element (pipe, railing, etc.). Such connections are prohibited.

The supply line must be protected by a 16 A divisional circuit breaker (or 10 A fuse holder) mounted downstream of a high sensitivity (30 mA) earth leakage long range wireless switch or circuit breaker.

Thus, in the event of an insulation fault (leak to earth), the current is immediately cut off in the line.

Security install a video surveillance system

Video surveillance is certainly one of the most widely used security solutions. However, before starting, it is important to know the different advantages and disadvantages of wired and wireless installations.


The choice of a wired video surveillance system often involves major work. The connection of the devices and the location of the cables require drilling holes in the walls or moving the furniture. This type of installation is therefore more often reserved for new constructions, whereas wireless remote control video surveillance devices are more suitable for existing buildings. In both cases, it is important to determine the locations to be monitored before beginning installation. The brightness, the distance between the equipment and the receiver as well as the atmospheric conditions must among other things be taken into account.

wireless system


As regards the distance between long range radio transmitter and receiver, manufacturers impose a limit not to be exceeded. The further away the receiver is from the camera, the lower the quality of the images. Some waves may also interfere with the exchange between the devices. It is therefore better to avoid WiFi terminals or radio transmitters in the areas to be monitored. If this is not possible, it is advisable to turn off these devices before activating the video surveillance.


Each video surveillance long distance system has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, a wireless device is less efficient than a wired device because its proper functioning is conditioned by external conditions. On the other hand, its installation is relatively simple and generally does not require calling upon a specialized company. It should also be noted that the wireless video surveillance system is highly scalable: an additional camera can be added without undertaking major work. Simply attach it to a chosen location, let the receiver detect it and finish by setting its parameters.


The wired video surveillance system offers a high level of performance whatever the external conditions. All recorded information is transmitted lossless to the receiver. However, it will require the services of a professional since major installation work may be required. The more cameras there are, the more installations there will be and the installation cost will be higher.


Securing an apartment is not a process similar to that of a detached house, since there is a space and layout constraint. Indeed, an apartment implies particular rules of mixity. Installing an alarm system in an apartment thus requires specific provisions.

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How can burglars access an apartment?

Living in an apartment does not ensure total security. Indeed, even if the apartment is upstairs, criminals often take advantage of small niches that we do not think about. For those who live on the first floor, burglars can easily access it by public garbage facilities, cars parked on the sidewalk, or by simple means such as a ladder. Of course, they can also take the gutter route, as in the films. Moreover, for the inhabitants of the upper floors, they are not as safe as they think. The criminals can access it if the lower apartment is not protected. They can then move from balcony to balcony and finally access the floor they have targeted.


First, take precautions

Simple gestures easily prevent burglaries. This includes securing the main entrances, in particular the doors of the building by installing a locking system with access codes. 80% of the criminals enter the apartments through the door. Doors and gates must be shielded with a secure frame. It must also be ensured that the windows have a mechanism for closing from the inside. Finally, one of the most used prevention solutions and the installation of a digital peephole with video recorder. This rf remote camera can record images of visits in front of the apartment door during the day.

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Second, install an alarm system

However, even if all precautions are taken, burglars may manage to break into the apartment. This is why it is always important to install an alarm system. First, solidarity between co-owners can be achieved by installing a video surveillance wireless remote control system in common access areas such as the portal or corridors. The advantage of this solution is the shared cost. However, each owner can install his own alarm system. What makes this one special is that the siren will be installed inside, but with a lower intensity. In addition to conventional cameras, the system can also include different sensors. Moreover, the detectors are the master rooms of an apartment alarm. Motion detectors, with or without video recorders, can be installed in the corridor, for example, opening detectors, vibration detectors on the entrance door, or a glass break detector. It is also advisable to install a wireless RCT and GSM alarm system. In this way, the breaking of the alarm system cables can be prevented and the alarm system can warn in real time of a break-in attempt.

Remote control and home automation

Home automation aims to provide solutions in order to guarantee comfort (energy management, lighting and heating optimization), security (alarm) and communication (remote controls, visual or sound signals…)

As a reminder Home automation could be defined as a set of techniques in the field of electronics, building physics, automation, computing and telecommunications aimed at centralizing control of different systems (heating, roller shutters, garage door, entrance gate…) of a structure, a house, a company.).

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Different areas of home automation


Regarding security, many wireless remote control systems are possible:

A video camera to control and facilitate the entries

Presence detectors when an intruder approached, will set the house in motion and/or simulate a presence (by turning on a light, for example).

A “beep” to automatically open the door or possibly open it by means of a magnetic card or a voice recognition device.

Home theater

With home automation, it is possible to use or control different media simultaneously in several rooms of the house.

Lighting and electrical appliances

Home automation makes it possible to switch lights and heating on and off, to control roller shutters, alarm systems and household appliances from a single control unit.


Leisure and garden

Home automation can allow the management and control of irrigation via the Internet

Assistance in daily life


Assistance to the disabled and sick

Cohabitation Remote control and home automation

Independently of the household electrical equipment in the kitchen and bathroom (coffee maker, oven, dishwasher, water heater…), home automation, which can also be sold as a programmable model, will allow you to generalize the automatisms to your various equipment:

remote control

Audio and video (home theater)

Garden accessories: lawn watering, home automation lighting…

Motorisation of shutters, gates, garage doors…

Bathroom (water automation)

The pool

It is important to keep in mind that before choosing a shutter remote control for example, you must make sure that the remote control is compatible with your installation.

Some brands like Carymart have specialised in home automation and offer solutions adapted to your needs.


You can now remotely control a wide range of equipment and more simply a gate operator with a single beep!